Internet Survival Guide

  1. slide one: The internet changed how we communicate alot, from video calls to emails to even texting apps and phonecalls on computers. Example : If your not able to attend a business meeting you could video chat while in the meeting so you dont miss anything.

  2. slide two: Immediacy- Quick , up fast

           Lack of control- when you lose control over a post

           Permanence- once its there it cant be delete

     3.slide 3 Immediacy cause you to lose control of who sees it because it posted it fast without thinking and permanence is the consequence of immediacy. It affects to offline life because your boss can see whatever it was that you posted and it affect your online life because people can bully your account.

     4. slide 4: Make sure you have nothing inappropriate, make some sort of blog or be active the name that pops up first is actually you.

     5. slide 5: Yes the internet have rules but the are not really helpful. In a way they dont have rules but it has consequences.

     6 slide six: . Cyberbullying is bullying over the internet.


Constantly commenting or trolling


Posting mean things about others

      7.slide seven: Victims:

Defend yourself , speak up


You look stupid so stop


If you see it speak up because you would want someone to speak up if it was you

  8. slide eight:

Tip one: be nice

Tip two: be aware of who follow you

Tip three: dont post things you wouldnt want someone important to see

Tip four: do not trust strangers

Tip five: dont post your personal information