Internet Survival Guide

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In the 21st century communication is mostly occupied with the use of the internet. Internet changed the way people conversed over the years from oral interactance to global with new inventions. Before the web, people would write letters and mail it to the location of their receiver rather than now with emailing and the use of social media sites.

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Immediacy - bringing someone into instant and direct involvement with something

Ex. Arguing on social media and adding other people’s names into the situation. A bully harassing someone and a person comes and protects the victim and then gets harassed by the bully as well.

  • Permanence - lasting or remaining unchanged

Ex. Allowing the cruel stuff you do and post to stay constant and not trying to change yourself as a person.

  • Lack of Control -No longer having control over what you post.

Ex. Posting a picture you don’t have control reposted. Memes

  • Immediacy, Permanence, and Lack of Control affect our off and online lives because of how people view you as a person.

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  • Create an exemplary password that can’t be cracked

  • Don’t put any information online that can be used against you.

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  • The internet does have rules. However, since the rules aren’t enforced people use that as as a way to take advantage of it.

Ex Child pornography. It is illegal for someone to take pictures of underage children.

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  • Cyberbullying is when a person verbally terrorizes someone with the use of the internet

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  • Harassment - this is considered cyberbullying because a person is  repeatedly sending intimidating messages online with malicious intent.

  • Masquerading - this is considered cyberbullying because soe is creating fake accounts just to bully you.

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  • Victims - Don’t feed into what this bully is saying. Just know you are important and you matter.

  • Bullies - Don’t deflect your own problem on to other people. Intimidating people will not only find yourself alone but miserable as well.

  • Bystanders - if witnessing harassment or bullying, report the bully. Never engage yourself with the bully because then the bully will start tormenting you.

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  • Never become a bully. Keep all negative or harsh opinions to yourself.

  • Never engage yourself with a troll

  • If being harassed, always block and report the person tyrannizing you

  • Always be positive and supportive of others

  • Choose what you’re posting wisely