Internet survival guide

1 To me immediacy is like posting something online or it can be saying something in person. Once you say it you can’t take it back.

1b.  Permanence is only on the internet once something is on the internet it's forever even if you take it down. There are screenshots or pictures to prove you may have done something.

1c. Lake of Control is if you are tagged in something you had no control over what happened. Also you have no control over what happen when other people post or say something and bring you into it.

2.  One way you can protect yourself online is making sure you only post appropriate things online. Also something you can do to protect yourself online is to only contact people you know oline.

3. Does the internet have rules? Yes it does like legally you cannot post or say certain things online. For example On twitter if you put something up that they don't like it will be taken down.

4. Cyberbullying is hiding behind your screen to and hurting others.

4b harassing saying mean thing on the internet to hurt other people

5 Don't be a victim stand up to bullies