Internet Survival Guide

1. The internet has changed our community in many different types of ways.  For example, the way that people communicate now is through the internet.  It is a lot more convenient than sending letters or meeting up with people because everybody doesn’t always have time to write a letter or meet with someone just to talk about something.

2. While using the internet you have to be careful of Immediacy, Permanence, and Lack of Control.  Immediacy is when you send something or post something and it is uploaded immediately.  Permanence is when you post or send something and it will be on the internet for ever.  Finally, Lack of Control is when you no longer have control over something that you send or posted to the internet.

3. Immediacy, Permanence, and Lack of Control affects our online and offline lives because if you post something or send something that everyone can see, you can get in trouble online and get in even more trouble in real life.

4. Two ways that you can actively protect your online identity is by one, making a password that even you can’t remember.  Also, you can try and make yourself private on whatever you are using so only people you know can see what you post.

5. Does the internet have rules.  The answer is no.  But, on almost everything that you use on the internet, it has a terms of service also.  In those terms of service it tells you what you are allowed to do and what you are not allowed to do.

6. Cyberbullying is when you constantly harass someone or attack someone of the internet to get them angry or scared/worried.

7. One type of cyberbullying is trolling.  Trolling is when you purposely say things to get someone mad.  This is cyberbullying because someone is purposely bothering someone for the sole purpose of making them mad.  Another type of cyberbullying is Mashups.  Mashups is when you take a photo of someone and edit it to insult the person or just as a funny joke.  This is cyberbullying because you are making fun of a person so that other people can laugh at it.

8. Some advice that I have for victims of cyberbullying is to try and not take what people say so personally so that you don’t get hurt from it.  Also, you should tell someone that you are being cyberbullied and they might be able to do something about it in order for it to stop.

9. My 5 tips for using the internet are make passwords that you can’t remember, don’t post anything that will hurt somebody, keep your accounts private, don’t share anything of your accounts with others, and do anything on the internet that could affect you.