Internet survival guide

  1. The internet has been able to change communication in multiple ways that can let other interact between each other and communicate. For example, Skype is probably one of the main Communication tools I use constantly to interact and communicate between my friends.

  2. Immediacy itself means that whatever you post or say online or offline can spread like wildfire and get out of control in a very quick manner. Permanence means that whatever you post can literally never go away due to the fact that so many people could have copied and posted this themselves. Lack of control means that you can never really get rid of the thing you could have posted because someone else could have copied it and posted it on somewhere you may not want it, meaning you have no control over that one and can’t do anything to hide it or censor it.

  3. One way to actively manage and protect your identity online is to literally never post anything and live on with your life not posting anything that you only want your friends to see. Another way to manage and protect your identity online is to only post things that you feel will not offend anyone, not hurt anyone, and not hurt yourself or your reputation. For example, if you posted something that will not hurt you but offend someone else they may get revenge on you and could post something that could really hurt your reputation.

  4. The internet itself I would say has no rules but the websites that you can access with the internet have a ton of rules and regulations, for example when you enter a website or any other form of social media, games, Etc. They require a terms of use or any other form of rule agreement that you have to accept before using it.

  5. Cyber bullying to me is a form of bullying that really is just on the internet that can take many forms. For example there are forms of cyberbullying from the two people themselves like verbal abuse, but then their are those cases where a person can be saying bad things about the victim on social media just to lower their reputation.

  6. One form can be between two people, one person can be verbally abusing the other, While another form could be between many people and just one person, they all just abuse that one person with hate messages and so on.

  7. Victims should always double check their account for things such as hate messages and should always be aware of what their posting because it can seriously backfire and cause destruction.


  • Try to never use social media.

  • Be aware of what your posting.

  • Be conscious of the people around you and what they may think about a post.

  • Ignore haters /block them or report them if you can.

  • FInd something better to do with your time on the internet that on social medi.