Internet Survival Guide


  1. (Slide #2)The internet is a world wide communication network that allows everyone to connect and trade information. The internet came from the U.S. government.

  2. (Slide#3)We do not have to travel just to talk to someone anymore. Now we can communicate through the social media. It is a easier way to communicate with your family.

  3. (Slide#4)The internet can be unsafe but you can protect your information. On the internet you have to acquire a password to keep your identity and reputation safe. But make sure its a password no one can possibly figure out.

  4. (Slide#5)The internet does have rules that you should follow.  One important rule is that do not hack the internet.If you disobey this rule especially  then you will be banned from the internet.Then you will not be able to access the internet never again.

  5. (Slide#6)Cyberbullying is when someone harms you online, or spread rumors about you, harassing someone

  6. (Slide#7)Immediacy-It is how fast things spread online. Immediacy affects your life because when you post something, it can be seen immediately online.

  7.  (Slide#8)Lack of Control-When something is out of your reach, you can’t change it. Lack of Control affects your life because when you post something you can’t do anything about it.

  8. (Slide#9)Permanence-Permanent never goes away.Permanent affects your life because when you post something its always on the internet.