Internet Survival Guide

  1. The internet has changed communication because instead of going to go see people you can just direct message them on social media. For example me and my sister don use the free time that we have to go visit each other but we still keep up with each other on instagram.

  2. Immediacy is like when you post something on the internet and it Immediately goes up there. For example when I post a picture or video on instagram it immediately goes up there.Permanence is when you post something on the internet and even if you try to erase it, it will be there permanently/ forever. When I put my tbt pictures on instagram and delete them it will permanently be there even after I delete them. Lack of Control is when you post something on the internet and something happens you can't do anything about it. When somebody repost something of yours you can’t complain because it's out of your control because you posted it so people can do as they please.

  3. You can protect your account(s) online by making sure you don’t have any personal information in your bio/profiles, make sure your accounts are set to private when people have to request permission to follow you and make sure you have a strong password. You can manage your accounts by making sure you sure you have a different password for everything because it's easier for someone to get into all your stuff like that.

  4. I don’t specifically think that the internet has rule I just think that there are rules within the internet websites. For example, YouTube has rules when it comes to posting content but YouTube is only a website inside of the Internet.

  5. Cyber Bullying is harassment towards someone online after they have asked to stop threatening/ intimidating them.

  6. Harassment because you talk about them in ways that they wished not to be talked about and it's intimidating. Marginalized- because you're leaving somebody out of a group chat or just an online multi-player game.

  7. Victims- Speak up don't just sit there, someone is always there to help. Bullies- Talk to somebody and explain why this is happening. Apologize to the person(s) that your bullying. Bystanders- Go get help or step in and try to stop the situation or take the victim and walk away and talk.

  8. Tip 1: Never have the same password for everything.Tip 2: Have important things backed up. Tip 3: Think before you post. Tip 4: Have a private account. Tip 5: Don’t feed into trolls.