Internet Survival Guide

  1. Immediacy is when you post something without analyse the post before hand. This is dangerous offline and online.

  2. You can make your password something only you know and no one else does. Make sure you check all your info to make sure nothing is missing or stolen.

  3. The internet has rules that is why they created banning to restrict anyone that doesn't follow the rules.

  4. Cyber Bullying to me is exposing someone's personal business on web so lots of people can see.

  5. Talking about someone behind their back is bullying and making fun of them and they don’t notice. Also posting someone without their authority. You are putting up content that they don’t want to because it’s embarrassing or private.

  6. Think of a password only you will know and come up with make it unique. Make a hint so that you can remember that password like what you named your first pet or what is you dream name. Something that no one else knows the answer to.

  7. 1. Secure 2. Hard password 3. Don’t just think about yourself. 4. Analyse before you post. 5. Don’t talk about others or post without someone’s authority.