Interview, Jamir Walker and Nacere James

Charles Riggs

-Jamir Walker(the person being interviewed.)

1.What are your goals in life.?“To get married and be very successful, I will go to college and study engineering science.”

2.What quote do you live by? “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”Why?”Because what can kill you are your weakness and what can’t are the most strongest parts of and in your life.”

3.What was your school like?” Come on man we went to the same school(both share giggles) but my school was dirty, and the school lunches were bad, and the teachers were fun I learned a lot but first in math during tech class didn’t help me learn how to use a computer just learn more math."

Charles Riggs

-Nacere James

1.What is your greatest achievement? “Making my first song”

2.What is your nickname? “My nigga name is kitty(meow) and my best friend gave it to me.

3.What are your intentions in life?”To have my own graphic designing company, while on tour with my band.

4.What do you like about our school?” The freedom,flexibility and the fact that this school gives you the ability to have your own ideas.”

5.What comes to mind when you think of the word desire?”I feel like desire is to want and I feel like most people desire something they want but can’t have, or people desire their told not to have.”