Iyesha Shoatz Capstone

Being a student is hard. I see teachers and other people in leading positions, fleetingly mention the importance and presence of a personal life as a student. I rarely see people actually pay attention to it and break down the struggle of balancing your life at home and at school. This struggle is especially difficult as an older sibling because there are more responsibilities that include taking care of yourself and other people (your siblings). I took one of the main challenges I face to focus on and decided to give advice to other students that are in my position. I created a platform where all the information about the struggle and resources on how to better maintain would be incorporated into a website. This idea is the third I had for a capstone but happened to be my last. I am satisfied with my final project and how well it ties into my personal life and literally most of what I have had to deal with throughout my years of schooling. Check it out here at: https://iyesha215.wixsite.com/siblingsitting101