Jacob Selden Capstone

From My Capstone, I decided to do a time capsule that's not originally what I started out with as my idea but it was settled upon later after some thought. When I first thought of the Time Capsule I thought about what I would put in it and at first, I was just thinking of doing regular items collected from the senior class years. After some more thought and thinking about what I wanted to put in the time capsule I decided that we could do letters writing to the futures students of SLA Beeber for it to be open later in 10 years' time and for them to be able to read the letters and see the items we put in there. For the letters, I collaborated with Ms.Bentum and she helped me make an extra credit assignment for the letters so that students who wanted to participate in the capstone could earn a chance to get some free extra credit. That was settled for the letters the next problem I ran into was storing the time capsule. I asked Mr. Johnson could I bury it on the school grounds and he said no. I had to figure out where else I could put it thankfully for Mr.Roy he had a room I can store it in for the 10 years. once everything was in order I started going around to ask people for items I didn't really get that many but I got enough for memories.