Janae Ravenell's Capstone

For my capstone project I worked closely with Jasmine to create A Boss Brunch. This project was very tedious and took lots of time and patience to execute. We worked on this project throughout the school year and when the time finally came it was such a huge relief. We reached out to some well known brands in Philly and they came to support us and give inspirational speeches. Throughout this project I learned how to network, build, and be open to different ideas and opinions. I learned more about peoples work ethics and how not everyone is going to work at the same pace as you or even put in the same amount of effort as you. This project built me as a person and it built my brand. One of the young entrepreneurs that attended the pop-up shop has also seen a recent spike in his sales, one has decided to go to the art museum and promote his brand, and all of the others have continuously reached out after the pop up shop with business opportunites for all of the other brands.

Final Presentation Slideshow