Jasmine Douglass Capstone

Hello, my name is Jasmine Douglass, and for my capstone project, I did a website called Youth Growth. The website is meant to help the people who just graduated high school and going into the next chapter of their lives. I created it because after high school I knew what I had to do but not how to get there. I wanted someone to help me but not one person could help me with everything I needed. I also found out that many other people had the same problems as me they needed a little help to get where they needed to be, so YoutheGrowth came to be. The website won’t help them step by step but it will give enough information to get through it all without stressing out. It is meant to be a quick tip page so that they don’t spend all of their time reading one tip. It is meant for quick tips and ways to help them if needed. I do believe this will be effective for most but not all because this isn’t meant for everyone.