Joelle Downs

  1. How do the earth’s systems affect each other? During hurricanes, the hydrosphere interacts with the atmosphere because of the heavy rains caused by the water rising. the hydrosphere interacts with the geosphere by possibly destroying things like houses, trees, or anything on land. the hydrosphere interacts with the biosphere because animals can be killed or affected by changes in their habitat.
  2. How can an understanding of environmental science aid in handling natural disasters? I think understanding environmental science can aid in handling natural disasters because you could know what effects certain disasters have on the environment and be able to prepare
  3. What efforts can we make to create a sustainable future? I would say as far as hurricanes, we should have more “hurricane-proof” items like ceilings, appliances, doors, and windows. for others, we can invest in having more and better shelters for these disasters as long as food preparations in case of a power outage.