Josh Sidener Capstone

For my senior Capstone project, I chose to create a visual novel type game. I wanted to create something that anyone could interact with online, that would have some kind of impact on the person. The biggest struggle I ran into is my own ambition. I wanted to create the best thing that I possibly could, and be really proud of my work, so I ended up spending way more time than I had planned on finalizing the story. I went through many different ideas, before arriving at the one that I currently have, and this was a large setback for me. This has also caused this project to become an ongoing project instead of a finished one, which isn’t what I originally planned. However, this gives me a lot more time and freedom to do what I want with the project, and removes the stress of deadlines from me. Throughout the process, I’ve learned how good it can feel to create something that is relevant to myself as a person, and my experiences. I’ve also learned how hard this is, and how easy it is to get caught up questioning if every little thing is perfect.

The link below goes to the current version of my game, which will keep updating automatically as I continue working on it. If you feel like it, please check back every so often to see what I’ve done. Thanks!