Justyce Shelton Capstone

For my capstone, my partner Jadyn and I decided to do a Talent Show. We were advocating for this talent show to happen because these past couple of years of living in a pandemic have been challenging for many of us all. I’m sure many are still trying to process everything that has occurred along with dealing with grief & loss. We believe that having this talent show will be refreshing, promote positive school spirit, uplift & support one another, and bring many together socially again. We can’t erase the past as we know but we can do our best to move forward and begin to enjoy life again. This is also our last year at SLA so we thought why not leave on a fun positive note and do something that would benefit the school in a positive way. In doing this capstone we ran into some challenges because although covid has gotten better we are still enduring some complications hence having the talent show. Throughout this process, one of our complications was trying to find a date to have our talent show. After the many complications of finding a date because of covid, we decided that doing this talent show we had to change some things around making this talent show an unusual one. So we turned our show into a virtual talent show allowing students to turn in videos of their talent and we turned those videos into one big video.