Essential Questions:

The earth’s systems affect each other in all different ways. Specifically, in floods, the hydrosphere affects mostly the Geosphere by tearing through typically un-flooded areas and destroying the area. Sometimes the area gets so bad that they are not back to normal for years. The hydrosphere also affects the biosphere because it causes animals to lose their homes and possibly even die. Floods also affect the hydrosphere because the water floods onto land and overfloods rivers and lakes sometimes.

The understanding of environmental sciences helps us understand how the different earth spheres interact with each other instead of studying it as just a disaster. For example, floods interact with the Hydrosphere obviously because of the water but it also affects the Geosphere in ways you might not think about the same Biosphere.

We could start trying to stop climate change and taking it more seriously because while climate change decreases the frequency of regular floods it largely increases the number of huge floods and makes the floods so much worse.

My reaction to my findings and overall project:

This project was fun and the stuff I found was not that surprising. What did surprise me was the information about global warming which was global warming caused more huge floods and less normal floods. Most of the information I feel was obvious.

Visual Component:

Floods! by Justyn Griffin