Kat Gallagher's Capstone

On a 36 x 36 canvas, I created a piece to express my struggle with depression. I choose bright colors in dark hues of acrylic paint to shade my image. I came up with the concept of a profile of a dazed person showing the inner battle in their mind ( a person taking one step at a time) I sketched it on paper and added more meaning throughout the design and mapped out the design on scrap paper. Then painted the background waited for it to dry and outlined my design in chalk. After that, i began to block in color starting with larger objects like the hair, mind, and neck and then went on to smaller objects like the eye and lips. When I completed that I went back and added more detail. When I was finished I let it sit and decided that I didn't like the eye and hair so, I repainted them… twice. As far as color scheme and proportion I was inspired by artist like Mark Paul Deren although the design was completely original and I did not use a reference photo.




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