Kaylah Nobrun Capstone

My capstone was based on mental health. Together Milah and I wanted to make a difference for kids we saw mentally struggling in school. We noticed over time that due to quarantine, the attitudes of our peers around us have entirely shifted, which even took a toll on our lives. So from there, our essential question became “How can we make school more comforting when it comes to mental health?” At first, the initial response was to make a mini-course so that people could talk. After much research, I realized that everyone isn’t comfortable speaking in a group so we created an anonymous google form that people can talk to and get responses from one of us. We want to continue it once we graduate because mental health is too important to take lightly. We also did interviews throughout the year talking to kids in the school about how they felt. Overall I feel like we learned a lot about how education can affect our mental health and methods to soothe the stress

Final Presentation (1)