Kaylani McGarrah Capstone

I created a pastry business two years ago and named it Sweet Essence, this was the start of a great new life for me. Ever since that day I have been working to make my business flourish, create a larger clientele, and work at my skill. ver the past few years I was able to unfold my talent and create s many new things without guidance. With this being said I chose to do an internship with a professional baker in hopes of expanding my education from a different perspective, and better my skill. The woman I chose has been in this business for 10 years, she has a business called Jazzy B’s Cookies Cakes & Candies. While working with her I did lots of hands-on learning by helping her with her big orders and watching her complete them. We also talked about the different strategies best to use when running this type of business which helped me a lot. Towards the end f the internship, she asked me to design a cake, and then she’d guide me through making it. At the end of this internship, I was able to gain a new friendship, an entirely new skill set, and even more knowledge.