Khayri Burke Blog Post

Online, there is nothing about me. If you look me up there is only a picture my friend posted of me when I just woke up. It is a very visually appealing photograph. Based on my appearance, people will probably perceive me as a person, at age 12 waking up or someone that is mad. I consider whether my picture is something that I would want people to see and if what I’m about to post is appropriate based on the rules of the internet. The pros of posting online is you can see what people think. Another pro is you get to interact with different people that you can get to know. The cons if you post publicly and put  on your location a lot of people can see your location. Another con is depending on what you post you may not be able to get a good job. Lack of control has an impact on our lives because when people start to post without being able to stop, they tend to post things that can get them into trouble in the long run. Permanence and Immediacy impacts our lives because once we post something, even if we immediately take it off, in a matter of seconds that post has been reposted, shared, screenshots, etc. My thought on background checks are that they are relevant and important because if someone isn’t checked we may have someone that is racist or could be a criminal. Free speech is the ability to say whatever you want without someone saying no that is wrong and you can get arrested. Free speech does not cover defamation, fighting words, and slander and other negative phrases. An internet troll is someone who purposely tries to ruin conversations, upset people and starts arguments. We can stop trolling by not feeding into what they are doing and just not listen because they eventually will stop because no one is listening. A con is it can always trace back to you and another con is your location could still be on. A pro is sometimes people won’t be able to know who you are and another pro is you won’t feel pressured that people will find you. Three tips I have for online safety is: Post with location off, Disregard internet trolls, and post responsibly.

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