Learn- creative -Lead

Creativity in learning make me become more interested in it. It makes me more aware of what I’m learning because i’m not bored. When I learn in a creative way then i’m more likely to enjoy what i’m learning because it’s fun and it lets me be me. Such as the Powtoons project it wasn’t the best but it was better because I wasn’t bored during the project. The cool animations made the project more fun because it let me be more creative in my own way. Creativity while learning is fun and exciting because we can be ourselves through our work. No matter what type of assignments we are doing if it’s boring then people won’t want to do it. Having an entirely non creative assignment can make someone not want to do it. Creativity in learning can cause people to do of say things they would never say if they couldn’t say what they want. This might happen because we may feel as if we can’t say what I want because it might feel like we can not say what I want due to being strict in assignments, projects etc.  Say there is an assignment and I can only write about certain topics. It wouldn’t let me  be creative or do what we want and say what we want being creative.

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