Learn, Create, Lead.

Creativity while learning forces me to step outside of my general comfort zone where I consistently reside. Any form of creativity sparks a certain sort of excitement within me, especially during my class projects. When experimenting with different kinds of topics, forms, and aspects, I not only learn new things, but I take those concepts with me outside of a classroom setting, too. Being inventive goes a long way in a lifetime. It is paramount that as a youth generation, we present our fresh, innovative ideas to express our individuality more vividly. Creativity is also a wonderful way to break the conventional stereotypes that are shown throughout places such as institutions and companies. At Science Leadership Academy at Beeber, we are encouraged to display any kind of artistic visionary that we posses. The best part about that process is that we are not and never will be judged for anything that we propose. Initiative is desired, welcomed, and accepted graciously among our peers, teachers, and staff. Our community is alike no other, we strive to include new visions in our curriculum and assignments to grasp the interest of the students that attend. Learning should not be an inconvenience or a burden, the things that you choose to do while you educate yourself should be as fun as possible so you can always reflect on that experience and remember how far you have come since. Creativity while learning is my favorite way to acquire information, I believe that it always will be. I hope that, in the near future, we can continue our motivational method of originality to make obtaining knowledge a fun, interesting, and compelling endeavor of a journey that everyone will enjoy.