Learn - Create - Lead

Creativity while learning… makes me feel like I can express myself more in my work.  Even though it is harder to create something while doing an assignment,  it is also fun at the same time.  I feel like it is fun to create things in writings or projects because you can express yourself and make it fun for yourself.  Instead of doing a strict assignment where you can only do so and so, you can come up with ideas of your own and make the project or assignment or whatever exceed expectations.  I also feel like being creative in your work will make you better at what you’re doing.  For example, if you’re writing something you could add little puns or something like that.  It enhances your writing and to me, it seems like it is more interesting to read than a boring old paper about the revolutionary war.  Nobody wants to read some paper just stating facts and theories and what not.  Why not make it more interesting for others.  Also being creative will help you think better.  For example, let's say someone had an idea about something super important but had trouble backing it up.  You could use your creative mind and come up with tons of ideas in order to contribute.  I feel like everyone should try to be creative in work because it is easier to use what you know than doing tons of research online in order to finish something.  It lightens up the load for you by a bit.  Also, being creative in ordinary situations could help quite a bit for others.  For example, let’s say that you and your friends were just sitting inside doing nothing and had no idea what to do that day.  You with your creative mind could throw in ideas and possibly come up with something to do so that you and your friends can have some fun.  Being creative in class is probably that best place to be creative.  For example, the teacher asks a question where opinions are good answers.  You could come up with tons of ideas to help contribute.  You could blow the other kids out of the park with your mind.  See that right there.  That's being creative :p.  Being creative is just a good thing to be able to do because it helps you learn, you can throw out ideas without even having to think about it, help out in boring situations, and being creative can help you or lighten the load of work you have to do.