Littering PSA Blog Post

In our PSA we have incorporated statistics, pictures of litter in Philly and news articles and other resources. The reason why we choose this topic was that I knew that littering was a big thing and it is a problem that needs to be solved and drawn attention to. I saw this because littering is a pollutant and that pollutant goes into the environment and that isn’t eco-friendly. The thing that I was very happy about is how easy it was to work with each other and get something complete and finished on the deadline. Another high would be knowing my lines and doing the best of my ability. If we could improve next time I think we should have worked harder on talking about how the city of Philadelphia is affected by littering and what Philadelphia is doing currently on littering. Something that was meaningful was getting along with my group and making a good quality PSA. The thing I hope that our PSA does is to show awareness of littering and make people know what is a good PSA vs a bad PSA. Also to show that littering is bad.

The link to our PSA: