Lucas Drinen - Composting Capstone


Our capstone project focused on how we as individuals and communities can less our carbon footprint and environmental burden. SLA Beeber, like many other high schools, produces an astronomical amount of food waste. Food waste makes up a significant percentage of waste in landfills. We decided to combat this by implementing a compost system. We met with Ms. Sasso to formulate a plan for this project. Our plans changed drastically over the past few months. At first, we planned to acquire funding to purchase proper compost bins and distribute the compost at the end of the year. Unfortunately, we could not secure the necessary funding and had to create our own 0010 makeshift bins. These bins are located in Ms. Sasso’s and Mr. Kucewicz’s rooms. They are equipped with informative signs (on what is compostable), and mini-compostable trash bags. Once filled, the content of the bins is disposed to the compost tumbler outside. We also were not able to distribute the compost due to weather-related issues. Even though we could not produce any compost, our project resulted in a fully functioning compost system with a guide for future staff and students. Now that we have laid out the framework, all the SLA Beeber community needs to do is follow in our footsteps. Throughout the process of this project we learned more about how our school community functions, and the various ways that we as students can make a lasting impact.

Digitized Project:

Two slide presentations (a guide, and show and tell) serve as the digitized version of our project. Our full presentation is embedded at the bottom as well. They contain all of the pictures and videos taken.

If you are interested in composting at SLA Beeber, take a look at the slides below!