Luke Gatti Drunk Mac and Cheese

Last fall, a student from University of Connecticut named Luke Gatti faced backlash on the Internet after a 9-minute video of him demanding macaroni and cheese at his university cafe. He was asked many times to leave but because he was intoxicated, he refused to go anywhere. He shouted homophobic slurs at the cafeteria manager. As he became more aggressive a crowd surrounded him and the manager. He was later arrested by officers.  

Permanence, lack of control, and immediacy all plays into this. Since he was drunk he had no actual control over what he was doing. Also he had no control over the people who recorded the video and posted it. For permanence, his police record will always be there unless he gets it expunged even then the manager is not going to forget what happened. Last is immediacy, the video was posted and since almost everyone is on social media it spread quickly.

The advice I would give him is to not get drunk if the first place. I feel as though if you are going to get drunk have friends to take you home and make sure you are ok. Even then he is old enough to know his own drinking limits. The person who posted the video should have never posted it because if that was them , they wouldn’t want someone to do that to them. At the end of the day like I said he should be able to know his limits.