Maiya Mangum Capstone

My name is Maiya Mangum and I am a senior at Science Leadership Academy at Beeber. I want to help make Science Leadership Academy at Beeber more sustainable by trying to create compost and educating others about composting. My capstone question is, How can teaching about composting and having a compost system help SLA Beeber and the environment? I think the project can benefit the community because Earth is our home and we need it to survive. It will benefit the community because I see a lot of trash being left behind by students. Having compost is another way to get rid of the trash but it goes into the soil and brings nutrients to the Earth. Educating students about composting will serve the community because it can inspire people to create their own compost or a way to make people aware of contributing positively to the environment. In this capstone project, I am most proud of my partner and my quick adaptation to the challenges we faced. We were able to produce a compost system that can be modified for years to come for seniors who are interested in making a school compost. I learned that I was able to adapt to the changes although it was stressful at times. Not knowing what direction your project is going to take or what your next steps will be was stressful. Although, I realized the essence of the capstone project is to experiment and mistakes will be made along the way which is a part of the process.