Makell Logan Capstone

I started this project by asking myself, "How do I write and publish a novel online?" I broke that question down into multiple smaller questions, which I researched, documenting my findings. Once I finished that, I created a blog on Wix titled "The Independent Publishing Guide." On the blog, I'm bringing together all of the information I've gathered and explaining it from my perspective, providing tips, outlines, interpretations, and of course, information. Besides the blog, I've also designed a step-by-step process for novelists to reference as they go about writing and publishing a novel. Using Canva, I summarized each step of the process and created a downloadable how-to guide. While on the website, I'm publishing more detailed posts for each step. Later on, I'll incorporate examples into those posts on the website as I go through the process. Along with that, I'm going to create more variations of the guide that I made on Canva. As a final note to those doing their capstone in the future, USE outlines if you aren't the spontaneous type. They are honestly amazing, and while they may be tedious, in most situations, you'll find that they were worth using. Also, don't look down on yourself or be afraid to express your opinion instead of someone else's that you disagree with. (I had some difficulties embedding the website, so I put slides here instead with the link to the site.)

The Independent Publishing Guide For Plotters & Outliners