Malayah Johnson Capstone

For my senior project Kadeen White and I decided to create a senior year guide to help juniors.The purpose of our project is to remind highschoolers how important school is especially junior year. Our junior year was one of the hardest years for us. We had to deal with SAT’s, our first prom and life. It was hard trying to find someone to talk with. At certain points of time school counselors are busy. Also they don’t have accessible resources to help someone. We both felt like some highlights of junior year was higher education, capstones and scheduling. The process was okay but we were nervous about the outcome. In the beginning we wanted to make sure we included everything. Also we had to make sure we didn’t make anything one sided. Some of the guides we read about it forced people to think they had to go to college. So, we told the juniors just to come up with a plan for the future. At a certain point of time our project was messy because didn’t have a set idea. But after narrowing done some ideas down things came together. It was important to the both of us to create a project that would be useful. At certain points in our junior year it felt like we need help but no one is available. Now that we created a website you can go on there anytime. Our final product is something that we are very proud of. We are very confident that the information of our site will be reliable and helpful to any upcoming seniors.