Menlinda Zayzay Capstone

For my senior capstone, I decided to make a short film about malaria. I choose this topic because many people out there do not know about this disease, and the few people that know about it don’t know how dangerous it can be. I also wanted to show the world how we treat each other these days as a human. The purpose of my project is to teach young people about loving and caring for one another. I included this in my video because there are people out there who have lost their loved ones from malaria diseases and other people doesn’t seem to care about it because they are not in that situation. Creating this video was a little bit difficult for me because I had to focus on doing my school assignments and benchmarks and I sometimes forget that I have a capstone to work on. Also, getting people to be in the video was difficult. I had a little bit of a hard time editing the video but everything turns out to be really good.  I’m glad that I choose this topic because I have learned so much about malaria while doing my research, and I hope that people learn something from the video after watching it.