Milah Norfleet Capstone

Our capstone was based off of the top of me and my partner Kayla wanted to make a difference for kids that were struggling in high school. We noticed over time during quarantine, the attitude of our peers had entirely changed. So our essential question became “how can we make school more confident when it comes to mental health?” At first we were going to create a mini course so that people could talk about their feelings or their day or just how they were feeling. After doing a lot of research we realize that not everyone will be comfortable enough to speak up or have the confidence so we just created an anonymous Google form that students would be able to talk on and get responses from others. We also did interviews throughout the year talking to kids at school about Their feelings and how school was for them. “Or like on a scale from one to 10 how are you feeling today?” Overall I feel like education can really affect our mental health and we should find methods to soothe the stress.

Final Presentation