My Room

I opened my bedroom door, brisk, cold air hit my face. I walked in and looked around, remembering the days where the walls were blank. Where the room was empty, void of life and memories.

My bed was neatly made up, with the books I’ve recently and previously bought. I sat on it and picked up my computer, the late birthday from my mother. It was identical to the one she has. I opened it and started to watch some videos on Youtube. After watching hours of Youtube videos, I got up from my bed and looked at my posters, posters I’ve bought from Amazon that resembled for love for anime and meaningful quotes.

I walked over to my dresser. My mother had a friend to built and paint it. It was a rich blue color and was filled with my clothes. The dresser also had some more of my books on top of it and a writing certificate on the wall. I reached over and grabbed a book. I walked over to my bed and started to read.