Never Satisfied-Owen Williams-3

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Leah Brown (Student 2024)
Leah Brown

Wonderful job! I commend your voice on the topic and love reading and appreciating the art from this perspective. For one the art is beautiful and well-made, and the organization of your thoughts made this enjoyable to read. I absolutely love it! Nice work!

Cassidy Brown (Student 2024)
Cassidy Brown

Dear Owen :

I am intrigued with your artwork, because I really like how you put the audience in the shoes and point of view of an actual person who experiences the everyday struggles of a transgender person. I really like the shading as well, and the detail, it's really nice.

One part of your artwork that stands out for me is the person crouching down. I think this is because it shows the emotion of the person, and kind of reflects how they feel.

Another part that I enjoyed is the whole realisticness of the person's body. This stood out for me because I know how hard and frustrating it can be to draw realistic bodies. I'm actually impressed.

Your poem reminds me of something that I made once. One time, I made a piece of art for a project. I think it was a self-love piece of artwork, it reminds me of what you created here, like the whole thing about your body, loving it, and even when it comes to hating it at times.

Thanks for your zine. I look forward to seeing what you make next, because you can tell that the whole thing itself had effort put into it, as well as it may be very important to you.