Nicole's Situtation

In my article a girl was cyber bullied and accused for telling on kids who came to school drunk when she had no idea about the incident.  It started when she was celebrating her 17th birthday with her friends at a concert when the mean hate messages started coming in.  Apparently kids were planning to secretly attack her at a In and Out burger.  The attack never happen but she was attacked through the internet instead.  Some kids got in trouble at school for being drunk and everyone thought it was her who told on the kids when she didn’t even know until about two weeks later.  She was scared that she was getting so many hate messages.  Even during lunch she wondered to herself if the kids at the table next to her were talking about her or they were the ones sending the messages. She eventually tried to respond to mean messages but that just got her even more hate and since she had her phone with her all the time she couldn’t run away from the hate.  A few of her friends stuck with her but many of them turned on her.  She even tried to get help from the school but the school even said that they couldn’t help.  She eventually came to the conclusion that she had control over what she recieved, so she deleted her facebook account and swore that she wouldn’t read any mean comments.  Ignoring the bullies wasn’t enough though.  Her mother became worried about her and decided to do research on cyberbullies.  She even spoke out at schools about the topic.  Kids began to want to hear about cyberbullying from a teen.  The girl, Nicole, jumped out at that opportunity in order help kids who are getting cyberbullies and get back at her bullies.  She started a challenge called the “Great American NO BULL Challenge”.  She then later got a message apologizing to her.  This gave Nicole instant relief and made her feel like the world was one step forward to balance again.

Immediacy played into Nicole’s situation very well after everyone assumed that it was Nicole who was the snitch, everyone immediately started getting on her about this lie that was spread around school.  It all happened so quick that Nicole didn’t even know what was going on.  Permanence played into Nicole’s situation also because all of the messages she received were permanent, they weren’t going to stop being send anytime soon and it didn’t matter if she deleted the message because it could just be send again and again.  Finally, Lack of Control played into this situation the most because even though Nicole did nothing wrong, everyone thought she did.  So, she repeatedly received hate messages and had no control over what was being sent.  She can’t simply stop the messages because since so many people were sending her mean messages, it was out of reach for anyone's help.