Our Connection To A Rose

Cash’e Chapman Jan. 5, 2015

Saraa Fadl East Stream

Artist Statement

A paper rose with lighten thorns. What would it mean to you , and given the information that two young ladies created it. You would probably think they made it because its pretty. But know we critical thought about what we would like to create. We thought of how complex we could really be and think which was more than the stereotype problems of a teenage girl.

We don’t believe in stressing the problems if a boy likes us or not because we know our beauty. We stress the mess of our grades and how we have to straighten them out for college and how it is just one of the four major steps we have to reach success which is what our four thorns represent. High school career, College readiness, College Career, and Society readiness.

When we started this project we instantly thought of what would represent us. This rose does that by expressing the bright future and steps we need to take to get there with each thorn which leads to the last light in the middle of the rose. The rose also represents the beauty in which we take these step as well as our thorns represent the pain we can endure on this difficult journey to success.