Peace Treety


   “ A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.” -  Paul Cezanne

I created this piece of work to test myself, and see what I will be able to accomplish. I normally don’t do projects like this one because it is out my realm. However, with this project I decided to take a chance and approach art in a new way for me: Mixed media Drawing. Drawing, painting, coloring etc was never one of my strong suits. By me doing a mixed media drawing I was able to open up to these techniques. I created this work to prove to myself that I am an artist in more than one way. My overall vision for my piece was for it to be refreshing, unique, and peaceful. When I first decided to make a tree I wanted this piece to feel like the beginning of spring when you saw it. I wanted it to have an impact on the people that see it, and make them happy by just looking at it. I want my work to communicate with viewers the idea of peace and serenity. When you look at the painting you see many colors that allows you to see a fresh, new , cultivating canvas.

I achieved a lot through this project. I was really excited with the result, and it surprised me because again I never did paintings, drawings, or sculptures before. I enjoyed trying and succeeded in doing a new concept. My current piece of work is nothing like my previous work. My previous work consisted of sewing, threading, and patching. This project took me a while to do because I had to use 3 new painting techniques that I had no idea of such as : Acrylic paint, watercolor, and pen.  The first thing I did first was paint watercolor onto my canvas and then I started using pen and Acrylic paint afterwards. This painting was also contemporary art. An artist that does work that was similar to what I did is Jane Frank. Frank uses a lot of different techniques and colors in order to capture the eyes of the viewer. I was truly inspired by her work, and that is why I decided to make this painting.

My work this quarter reflected the world we live in because I want my work to mean something. I want it to mean peace and serenity when you see it. With so much negativity, and cruelty in our world today I thought that doing a piece that symbols peace was the perfect idea. Throughout the crazy process I will say that if it weren’t for some techniques my painting would not be the way it is. Watercolor played a huge role in my creation. Watercolor allowed me to give the piece the serenity and peace I wanted it to give off. This project was a learning experience that I enjoyed because I got to step out of my comfort zone and actually enjoy what I was doing.