Physics - Jorge Gomez

Jorge Gomez

I chose this sculpture because tumblr is a way in social media where teens can go and express themselves instead of doing it in real life. I personally do this and i think it brings my self esteem up because i can socialize with other people around the world. I can now talk to someone in California or the UK i think it’s very interesting. The internet in general has evolved from 2000 - 2015. Social Media is changing peoples lives. It changed mines too because when i started going on social media and started making accounts i met new people and i had all of these online friends and i eventually met some of them.

This project maybe may sound easy at first but you brainstorm so much that you don’t even know what to do your project on or what topics interest you. I think having a parallel circuit was better because when they are in series it needs more resistance and the more resistance you need means the harder it is for electricity to flow through the copper wires. But when you have a parallel circuit it will be easier for the energy to flow because it doesn’t need that much resistance. I had two different branches one vertical one horizontal. I had a parallel circuit for one direction and a series for the other.

To me it says that social media such as tumblr can “light up” somebody’s day because when i am sad or bored i usually stick out to social media and interact with my thousands of followers. Social media can be used in a good way or in a bad way. It can be used in a good way to make friends or connect with people around the world/ talking to your family members online on facebook or twitter.

Social media can affect teenagers mental health and cause damage in the brain. For example facebook or twitter can shorten attention spans. “The Oxford University said that repeated exposure could effectively rewire the brain.” People care afraid that technology can damage the younger kids mind since they are just attracted to bright lights and buzzing noises.

Tumblr is very important in the social media world since they have tons of accounts. Tumblr has grown since 2010 over 47%. This shows that every year tumblr has gotten more popular and there’s years to come so i estimate its going to grow as big as facebook or maybe even bigger.