Pick It up philly !

Over the past few weeks, my partners and I have been doing research on the topic of littering and gathering information on the topic. We discovered that littering is a huge problem in the Philadelphia area. I recently found out that Philadelphia is one of the top-rated dirtiest cities in the country. The community needs to come together to try and better the environment. Every year the government pays over 10 billion dollars trying to clean up the streets not only in Philadelphia but in every city in the country. Littering is one of this generation's biggest problems aside from global warming. Most of the litter items are small things like cigarette butts, bottle caps, etc. In our video we interviewed and asked people what could be a possible solution to the littering problem in our community and most of the answers were to put more trash cans in place or raise the fines but our goal is to find a good solution and prevent littering from even happening.