Poetry Q1 Project

What do others think of me

When they look at the first born

The figure for leading the others

A son in which has a soft but impenetrable heart

What can I do to change the image they see

Am I the oldest

The depended one

A hope in their dreams


Or a mystery they have no time solving.

Why do I have to be blamed for things

Taking the shame and pain no one else has to

Why am I creating a life that's makes it easier for the younger siblings

Why am I separated from the rest.

Do I have a say in my actions

A say that I want to change things

A say to others thoughts

The life I was given for free

The exaggerated truth

I believe I am one in a mill

One others don’t see enough

Someone people need in their life

A pillar of support

Am I the one others see as a nuisance

Can I turn these thoughts around

Do I have the willpower to better the things I want

Is it something I want to change

What I chose to do better is moving forward.

The Definition

Family is what you comeback to

They are their always

Not for a day

Not for a week

But forever

Family ties are special things

They are woven ties through the years

It is something deep

Family isn’t always gonna be blood

But people in life who want you in theirs.

Family is the circle of life

And the circle of love

Because they always care

And they will never stop,

It's something you are able to keep


Their on your hurt days

And the days you push them away

They still their waiting

TIll you come home happy or cold and shaking

I belong to a family

A group of great people

Pieces of me I’m afraid to lose from life

The only people I can’t use words for

Emotions come from here

Love in my family is something deep

My mind makes stories and memories

I will treasure and keep

They teach me

They create me

They worry me

This is my family