Positive Vibes +

My street art is uplifting inspiration. It reminds people to be themselves. There are some encouraging quotes on it that people can learn from.

I know that in school, especially high school, there are many struggles. You are still trying to figure yourself out and navigate this thing called life. Knowing that people are going through so many changes, inspired me to encourage them to always stay true to themselves despite the struggle. Always be you as you make your way through the maze called life.

I chose to put my street art in front of Ms. Connagahn's room near the window, because that is one of the places where the sun shines the most. Being that my piece is about being happy and is focused on uplifting people, why wouldn't I put it in one of the brightest places in the building?

This project changed my perception of Art, because I now know that art can come in many different forms. Art can come in ways that you probably wouldn't even imagine. Art could be anything, it all depends on they way you interpret the piece. Art is more mysterious than I thought.

 I have come to appreciate street artist and art much more. They risk their lives just trying to express themselves. They want to share their ideas with the world through ways that may not be traditional. I respect that. I now see some of the street art as super cool and thought provoking.