Project handprint -Patrick Christopher Hannon Capstone Mr.Roy

I had to give an overview of what my project is it is project and print just a handprint that my class of 2022 will leave behind each of them signing off their name to start a new beginning and to show the new world that they have left behind it’s something that they will be remembered by but as well talked about as kids walk to the hall and seeing the mural I’ve made for my class they will remember the great memories that we had left behind as well as the great story but she’ll be bold some of the great things that some of we’ll talk about where the memories that we shared after school. most of all some of the biggest things is the handprint that we left for the classes and the community of SLA Beeber. As the year goes on I will come back to visit this and see what has been made of it will a new classmate create another one for the class of 23 or shall I be remembered as the one thing a class has left behind am I past years being here at Beaver I don’t remember a class that has left something behind for the other classes to look at or remember so I believe I will be starting a new beginning with this a new idea to remember the classes that had been at SLA Bebber.