Q1 Poetry Project

Bread & Wine 

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. 
And what is a Pisces? A fish. 
God assigned trout to be hunted and fed to a land
Bestowing nutrients and good health
And what is a Pisces? A fish. 
He made the sign selfless, full of empathy, and a water element
Not only does it feed but proceeds to hydrate the body.
And what am I? A Pisces

Love, Compassion, Friendship

If I love you now I will forever
It is the only way I can love
It is the only way I think love should be 
I love them when they come 
I love them when they leave
I love them when they hurt me
I love those especially who set me free

I care for the world the way I do anyone in life
World hunger breaks my heart
I feel deeply for hurting of our planet
The hungry, homeless and unloved
If I ruled the world
Not only would I clothe backs
I’d shelter communities with love
The greatest cure we are without

I pick my friends carefully,
Our souls have to connect
Because if I am your friend
My honesty is religious 
And my loyalty is yours keep
Only people who are deserving, deserve me


Life is a road trip
spring was my hell 
summer my rains
and fall brought back my sanity 
I’m grateful 
For everything I’ve endured
Every tear I cried, Tooth i grit 
Frown i hid, Smile I forced 
It was worth it

Growth is so immaculate 
It’s felt in your soul
As beautiful and down to earth as I was then 
By far does not compare to my new ground
I’ve learned the true meaning of peace 
And the importance of taking responsibility 

I found my inner voice, even if she only talks to me
I’ve learned to listen when I think 
And to think before I speak
To measure everything in love 
To value those that love me 
Delivered by self,
for once I’ve done the freeing 
I have returned home 
To love me, to hold me
And it feels just the way I left it 
Candle lit and warm


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