Q2 Benchmark Green Design

  • What this project is about was creating a useful green design to go in my client, Ms.Moran's room. As we discussed what kind of design would be best we came up with an idea to keep the design simple. I came up with the design by just sketching things and playing around with wood pieces until something worked out nice. The steps I took were finding scrap pieces of wood cutting them with different machines into correct sizes. I next put the pieces together by using wood glue and the nail gun. Last to finish off the project I painted a coat of wood protector on to keep it safe from water damage.  .  In order for a pant to survive  it needs the proper amount of sun light, water, and space. I have made sure this design is capable of given the plants it will hold these resources very easily. The design is very spacey and can hold up to 3 pants cups. It has a lot of open space and slits so that light ca reach the plants and last the piece is water proof. I know this is import because sometimes if plants are not taking care of correctly they can not grow and function the way they have to be healthy. Technology plays a big part and helping nature because with out it we wouldn't be able to create the things plants need in order to survive by a mans hands. I think I did well taking on leadership skills to get the job done. My group could have done better by communicating and taking care of responsibility.
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    IMG_1407 (1)