Q2 Botany compost bin and base

  1. What is your project about? Describe the process you used to accomplish your goals. Look back at the steps you had to take in your checkpoints. Describe your landscape architecture company and what your clients had asked for. How did you accomplish your goals and meet your clients' desire? Hint: Green Design Research
My project is about collecting biodegradable items for a compost bin and making sure we have fertilizer for other students plants. We have a base that we tie the trash can to an we can tie the trash can to the hooks on the base with wheels at the bottom. Our project is to help out other students in the future, people have said they needed to collect compost so we are going to build a device for them to use when they need it.

2. What does a plant need to thrive? Describe how the design of your project took into account the needs of the plant you are planting in your design (i.e. water, nutrition, temperature, safety, amount of sunlight).
A plant needs soil, sunlight, water and air. we are helping others by providing soil and fertilizer for them to keep their plants healthy. some plants don't need water but most do, and 

3.Describe what affects a plant's design based on what you have learned from your past assignments. Hint: look back at BozemanScience: Plants VideoNature’s Blueprint: Solar cells inspired by plant cellsFall Leaves InfographicWhat determines a plant's design?
you need certain prerequisites and certain conditions for a plant to show growth. if you don't have the correct soil, or the correct weather conditions the plant could die. We learned that compost doesnt need anything done to it except soil added and then just compiled biodegradable items

4.In what ways are the plant's design and the design of your project similar? Think about what affected the overall design of your project and also the development of plants. 

We have the soil and other items to help nourish plants. The compost is different from actual plants, there arent many similarities because it helps to grow plants and isnt a plant itself. Thinking of similarities, the actually trash can is like the stem of the plant protecting the plants cells inside. 

5. After doing the Green Design, how do you perceive the relationship between nature and technology? Why? Remember to define nature and technology in your own terms. 

We are taking old plants from nature and re-purposing them. We are making them help out the growth of other plants. Technology is anything created by man. We created the base and we have a trashcan created by man. 

6.Overall, what did your group do well in the project? What could your group improve on?

We did well incorporating the thing Mr.Johnson wanted, a trash can holder, and a compost bin that we wanted. We had a hard time in the makerspace because so many people were working at one time. We were all struggling to do things in a timely manner because of other problems. I wish we had more time in the maker space and more wood to make the pillars and base we wanted. we wanted to make a door to protect the trashcan inside but there wasnt enough large pieces of wood.
sla biodegradable
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