Q4 Benchmark

Marieam, Hadja, and I did our PSA about Food Safety. We interviewed a man from the FSIS and we asked him a few of the questions we made, but we only added at the beginning why he thought food safety was important. We also did a good and bad way of practicing good food safety in the kitchen. I made the script and ws the voice over for the video. I like how our PSA video turned out because it is a fun way that we presented what could happen if you don't practice food safety. 

I think people as a whole affects public health like with the E. Coli outbreak. If we don't make it known people could die and cause another outbreak. Society, politics, and economy plays a big role on the healthcare system because without politicians we wouldn't have people fighting for new healthcare policies and without a society there are no people who would use the healthcare policies that the politicians are making. Without the money from our economy, we can't pay for all the things needed in the healthcare system.