Quarter 2 Benchmark - Cristian Fernandez

Cristian Fernandez


In the video we described the issue of lead poisoning in Philadelphia, and how it impacts a lot of people. We describe how it mainly affects children developmentally and can also harm adults. We describe the politics that go into how lead is dealt with and how it can be treated properly, but it does take time and money. We make sure that people understand that lead isn’t only in the paint on our walls, but also in the water we drink, older plumbing could have been made with lead. For this project I was the editor of the video, and worked with everyone to put the video together, including being in the video. We all worked on the questions and making the video itself (filming). I feel as though I could have helped more on the script. My group did all of the script and I just edited some of it when we were filming mine and others parts. I think we all did a good time managing the time we were given, it seemed like a lot of groups were not on task the whole time and I feel like we worked with all the time we were given and made a good product as a result of it. I think the most meaningful part of creating the PSA was approaching the display of the points we had to someone who has no knowledge of the topic. This required us to go deeper into depth for our research and develop different ways of understanding it, which makes it more impactful to me,