Queer Straight Alliance of SLA @ Beeber

Ever wonder if SLA@B had a gay/queer straight alliance? Do you know someone who is LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, etc)? Do you admire a celebrity who’s LGBT+? Are you yourself LGBT+? Do you just want to know more about the LGBT+ community or LGBT+ political issues? Look no further! SLA@B has our very own QSA!!

Our goal is to be able to educate people on LGBT+ issues and identities, as well as provide a safe and secure space for LGBT+ students and allies to talk about their ideas for making the school a safer, more inclusive space for the community (and sometimes just chill). After all, everyone deserves to feel safe and be who they are at school.

QSA takes place on Tuesdays at 3:10pm to around 4 to 4:15pm. Snacks will (eventually) be provided. Bring yourself! Bring your friends! Bring the person you don’t know but you see everyday in the hallway! All are welcome!

Questions? Email Jack (dkleiner@slabeeber.org), Queren (qvillegas@slabeeber.org), Alyssa (astraface@slabeeber.org), Lucas (lborschell@slabeeber.org), or Mr. Elish (jelish@slabeeber.org).