Radiatou Diarra, Aiesha Langley, Tronta Pounds, Epifanio Rios: Express Myself Video!!!

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In order to understand my video you should know that it is a each picture is a part of a bigger has a greater meaning. Every picture has a place and was carefully placed there. Each section represents a theme. For example, I may have used a group of photos together of me with my friends and family in order to show the theme of friendship and loyalty with is one of my values. When doing this project I learned that it is important to recognize that we are all different, complex individuals. We should also recognized that even though we maybe different and complex that we all can connect despite our differences. - Tronta Pounds
We express ourselves to develop and show our personality and identity. For example, a person  might express themselves through their fashion sense. To explain, they might dress themselves a certain way due to emotions or environmental settings, like they might be feeling lazy one day so they decide to wear sweatpants, a simple t-shirt and sneakers. Another example of expressing yourself is communicating. To be specific, the person might be comfortable talking to a person they fully trust about what they are feeling  or what they are going through. Someone might know what that person is going through so they expressed themselves.  I used to dress in African clothes every day back in Africa,  reflected on my environment, but since I came here I stopped wearing African clothes. I still wear them for parties and my summer camp because I am around other African friends. Radiatou Diarra

One thing you should know about my video is that I believe I have expressed the complexity of who I am by showing the side of my self that isn’t expressed in my daily life. Most of the things that were shown in my video are things that I do on my personal time or whenever I can. None of that normally transfers into the things I do everyday or the way I present my self daily. I’ve shown a part of me that was covered by a mask.

By completing this project I learned that there are reasons on why we express ourselves and that there are effects of technology on the way we express ourselves and the way we connect with others. I learned that we express ourselves to show and develop our identity through the reactions of others to figure out who we are. We also express ourselves because we want others to know who we are. Technology affects the way we express ourselves and connect with others by allowing us to express ourselves faster and more publicly. It let’s us share with people around the world so more people can see who you are. It also makes some make less people interact socially and makes them interact more through the use of technology. - Epifanio Rios

To fully understand my video, you have to understand that I’m not like everyone else so things you would see in my video, others won't consider important to them or may not include in their own. I would  define myself as unique and different. My video includes images of my family and I and “Selfies” and also my favorite celebrity. I cherish these images because they all are very important to me and a big aspect of my life. - Aiesha Langley