Rebuilding SLA Beeber's PSU Chapter

Philadelphia student union has been a great resource for young adults interested in social justice. Throughout my senior year, I have been working on rebuilding the Beeber chapter. We have built a wonderful archive with PSU from our police free campaign which included three SLA Beeber students, to our continuous fight with the School district of Philadelphia about over-policing. Choosing to amplify PSU’s presence in our school is the best way I could serve my community. By doing this project I will amplify a great learning space and outlet for young people. I will also be ensuring the community of this resource that has been helping many young people at SLA. Allowing this space to grow will be very influential in the way young people at SLA lead in their everyday lives outside of school. This will help the SLA community by giving students an additional community outside of the one they have with their peers and teachers. This will also be a great way for them to get involved in issues that are impacting their neighborhoods, city, or personal identity.

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